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how do you know you need an accident lawyer?

If you are with a problem due to an accident injury or face a legal claim for an accident. In situations like these, consider hiring a lawyer. Here are some recommendations to use a legal representation of an accident lawyer.

Know who you deal with.  Most attorneys specialize in a specific area of law, make sure your lawyer has the corresponding experience. Ask for recommendations from family or friends who have hired the services of a lawyer on an issue similar to yours.

Find out and Investigate

Talk to more than one lawyer before selecting who will represent you. Ask beforehand if you will be charged fees for an initial consultation. Describe your problem clearly and briefly. Ask about the legal experience, the fees, the odds of winning the case and when it will solve the problem.

Know the Details of the Deal

Understand the agreed terms between both. How often will the lawyer give you reports about the case? The information that you must provide? Know all your options? What will be the total cost? If you are not clear about it, ask for it to be clearly explained. Although the probability of winning the case can not be guaranteed, discuss with your lawyer the approach. You should be comfortable with the approach that the lawyer gives to your case. Be honest with your lawyer about all the facts and circumstances surrounding your case. Preferably establish a written agreement with your accident lawyer.


Payment Arrangements

Keep in mind that the most expensive accident lawyer is not the best and neither is one that charges you cheaply. Equalize the experience and the cost of the fees. See if a lawyer from the same office with less experience can perform some of the tasks to reduce costs. Also, ask about the tasks you could do to save time and money (such as copying, withdrawing or delivering documents).

Conditional Fees

Also called contingents, means that your lawyer gets a percentage of the amount you receive as a result of the resolution of the case. If you do not receive any monetary compensation, your lawyer does not charge any fees. However, you must face expenses for court charges, copying documents and hiring witnesses or experts. If you do not have many resources to pay hourly fees, it is more reasonable to negotiate contingent fees with your accident lawyer.


Consider the following before agreeing a conditional fee:

  • The amount of a conditional or contingent fee corresponds to a percentage of the money you will receive when your case is resolved and is always negotiable. You can negotiate a downward adjustment fee (for example 30% of the amount recovered by resolution of your case up to $ 10,000, 20% recovery up to $ 50,000, etc.).
  • Keep in mind that no fixed percentage has been established on the money charged by the attorneys that constitutes a “standard” or “official” fee.
  • The amount of the conditional fee must reflect the amount of work required by the attorney. Some cases are simple, others can be complicated and delayed. Find out if your case is likely to be resolved immediately. A fee agreement can be negotiated with a lower percentage for a quick agreement and a higher percentage if the case goes to trial. Analyze and understand exactly the terms of your agreement. Maybe your State has rules regarding the maximum percentages applied for conditional fees, check with the state bar association.


Fixed Fees

In this case the lawyer is paid an amount established by a specific service, such as the writing of a will. If the matter is simple, for example a divorce by mutual agreement or the filing of a bankruptcy, the lawyers charge a fixed fee. Find out what these fees include.

Hourly Rates

The lawyer charges his fees by the hour. The final cost will depend on how long it takes you to complete your work. The hourly rate of the lawyers varies according to the knowledge and experience of the same. An experienced lawyer can charge you more onerous fees, but you can also resolve your case faster. Because the hours of work on your case may increase, request an estimated budget in writing for the number of hours needed to complete your case.


Advance of Fees

Your lawyer can request an advance fee, to cover expenses related to your case. Check your accounts frequently to find out how your lawyer is using the advance.


Public Legal Services

Depending on your financial situation, you can obtain free or low-cost legal services through special organizations. For example, you may be chosen to obtain free representation for divorce or rental disputes. Look for organizations that provide legal services or consultancies associated with law schools.


Prepaid Legal Plan

Some organizations offer prepaid legal services plans that work as insurance policies. By paying a monthly fee, you receive certain legal services. The fees charged and the covered services vary in each state and the particular plan. Check each plan to make sure of the coverages and if it corresponds to your particular situation.


Keep Copies and Keep a File

Your accident lawyer will ask for documents related to your case. Photocopy everything you give to your lawyer. Request copies of all important documents included in your case. When you receive your lawyer’s bill, review it and ask to be explained about charges and fees that are not clear.


Class Actions

In these cases, the court decides that a group of people has been similarly harmed. You can receive notifications asking if you want to be included in the applicant group. Read the notice carefully. If you do not take any action, it becomes part of the default class. If this is the case, you are bound to the outcome of the class action lawsuit, you can not present your own case and you will not have direct control over the claim. However, you may object to any agreement entered into or to the amount of attorney’s fees. If you decide not to be a member of the class action, you preserve your right to present your own case and control it directly, but you will have to hire your own accident lawyer and you will not share any benefits that the class action wins.



If you do not feel satisfied with the work of your lawyer, you can dismiss him at any time. In some cases you may need a judge’s authorization to do so. Discuss the costs and benefits of starting the case again with another lawyer. Your case could be delayed and cost you even more. Attorneys are subject to state professional ethics rules and are required to charge reasonable fees; If you think that your lawyer acts inappropriately, does not adequately represent you or charges you much, talk to him to reach an agreement. If you fail, you can file a complaint with the state or local bar association. Some states have arbitration services to mediate these disputes.

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