criminal defense office, know about it

When you are looking for a criminal defense lawyer, there are some things you should look for before deciding on one. The type of crime will be a factor to consider, as well as the reputation and location of the criminal defense attorney..

Criminal defense - every case is defensible

You need a criminal defense lawyer, even if you are guilty.

Even if you are guilty of committing a crime, you need to hire a criminal defense lawyer to defend you correctly. The state has to prove its guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. A criminal defense lawyer will see the charges and may find that the State has charged you with a more serious charge than the crime deserves. The criminal defense lawyer works with the prosecutor to reduce the charges, which may result in less time in jail, in your case not being in prison at all.

Criminal defense lawyers will decide if the State has sufficient evidence to prove its guilt. Sometimes, one can reach an agreement between the prosecutor and the criminal defense lawyer that it will not be necessary to go to court by a bank or jury trial. The lawyer has all the information they give and tries to work out an agreement for a lesser sentence or charge. The lawyer will try to prove your innocence, if the state does not have enough evidence against you.

When you go to court for a preliminary hearing, the lawyer alleges that you are not at fault. After this hearing, the court then sets a new trial date, which gives the criminal defense attorney time to prepare his case. This includes the findings and facts, known as the discovery, which are disclosed by the prosecutor’s office. At this time, attorneys will advise you about your case.

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